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HoOchly is America Cigar Ashtray

$ 45.00

This is a small 2 finger cigar ash tray perfect for smoking with a friend  or smoking alone.  This are large enough to use for everyday, but light and small enough to travel with for when you are on vacation or visiting friends 

These ash trays are custom printed on a 3D printer in ABS plastic.  After printing all ash trays are hand sanded and then clear coated with an automotive high heat clear coat to protect the plastic.  Once the clear coat is dried a high heat chemical resin is poured into the bottom to protect it from hot embers and cigars that may fall into the ash tray.  

All Hoochly Ash trays are customizable with raised lettering that can be printed on the rim of the ash tray.   The lettering on this ash tray can be replaced with whatever lettering you want.  All customized ash trays will take at least 6 to 10 days due to the printing and finishing process.

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